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Humberside Police continue to receive reports of motorbikes being used in an anti-social manner, and unfortunately the majority of the motorbikes being used have been stolen.

If a motorbike is left parked utilising just the steering lock, it can be stolen in seconds by someone who knows what they are doing.

Below are some tips that can reduce the risk of your motorbike being stolen

  • Use a good quality lock that has been through an approved security test. Look for at least Sold Secure Gold Standard and buy the best lock you can afford.
  • Utilise a ground anchor and secure your bike to it. Ensure the bike anchor is fitted properly
  • A chain lock through the back wheel and attached to ground anchor or similar is the preferred method
  • Try to prevent the chain from touching the floor, this will reduce the impact if an attempt is made to break it with a hammer.
  • Utilise a disc lock to secure the front brake disc or a D Lock to the front wheel.
  • A combination of a chain lock, D Lock or disc lock is advised and will make the bike more difficult to steal.
  • If your bike does not have an alarm or immobiliser, consider having both fitted – a good quality Thatcham alarm could also reduce insurance premiums.
  • Fit a tracking system to your bike.
  • Don’t forget to remove the keys
  • Store your bike in a secure shed or garage, keep it out of sight and use additional locks
  • Always consider the security measures on the building/shed where you are storing your bike, for example, fit an alarm.
  • Utilise a cover if the option to secure your bike in a shed or garage isn’t available. The make and model of your bike cannot be easily identified if covered up.
  • Use tamper proof screws to secure the number plate.
  • Leave your bike in view of CCTV cameras if possible.

    Further crime prevention advice can be found at https://www.securedbydesign.com/guidance/crime-prevention-advice

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