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Dear Freshney Green Resident,

 We have received recent reports of damage caused in the area surrounding the green space on Silver Birch Place. Damage has been caused to shrubbery and trees, parked vehicles and signage. It is believed some of this damage MAY have been caused by children and older youths who play football on this green area. We want the children to play in this area and there are no issues with them kicking a football around but some are kicking the balls high and/or with lots of unnecessary power which is not needed for such a small area surrounded by vehicles and people's houses. If your children do play on this green area please ensure they are not being reckless with their actions as this COULD result in crime reports being created if any further damage is caused to resident's property.

 There is a more suitable green area on Larch Crescent for those wanting a larger area of grass to play football away from houses and vehicles. Due to the pathways on Silver Birch Place green area we want to ensure that any persons walking through that area are safe and do not have to dodge moving footballs or bicycles which have been left in the middle of the pavement. We want this to be a safe place for all residents, children and visitors and we appreciate that some youths and children attend this area who don't even reside on Freshney Green. 

As always, when we are on duty we will patrol the area and engage with those on the green area and encourage them to play and enjoy themselves but to be respectful of those that live around the green. 


Yarborough ward Policing Team

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Andy Whittaker
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