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Burglary Alert

Dear Residents,


We have had a resident report to us around your area that a male has walked down their drive way.


Whilst visiting this resident regarding this another neighbour has shown us footage of the same male trying their front door handle as well as the door handles to their cars.


Thankfully these attempt were unsuccessful due to the owner locking their doors however this is still an attempt burglary.


Please can those of you who have CCTV cameras and doorbell cameras please check your footage between the hours of 05:00 and 06:30 this morning (16/04/24) and should you see a male on your property trying door handles etc please ring 101 to report it or report it online via the below link:



Most burglary and like offences these days are committing by opportunistic individuals who try their luck by trying door handles as they walk by.


To prevent people from being successful please ensure that both your house and car doors are all locked.


Many thanks,

PC 670 Murphy


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Jack Murphy
(Humberside Police, PC, Hull East NPT)

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